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GORE-TEX waterproof breathable pioneered durable fabrics in the industry. GORE-TEX film only completely rain, hail and snow, but also allow sweat easily discharged. GORE-TEX film holes not only allow sweat discharge surface as quickly as possible, but also play a role in waterproof.


  1. Waterproof
  2. Breathable
  3. Rain, snow
  4. Suitable for skiing and rock climbing

GORE-TEX Performance Shell

This fabric is designed to carry out a variety of outdoor activities, it offers unparalleled comfort and durable waterproof protection. GORE-TEX® revolutionary patented thin-film technology built on a wind and waterproof, impermeable barrier, but also to ensure good air permeability. Bilayer structure Gore-Tex® Performance Shell is extremely lightweight, soft and comfortable, and the three-layer structure is more thick fabric.


  1. Breathable
  2. Waterproof, windproof
  3. Versatile, suitable for skiing, biking, hiking and snowboarding

GORE-TEX Pro Shell

Gore-Tex® Pro Shell uses extremely durable highly breathable fabric, under extreme weather conditions ideal for prolonged exercise. Which fabric can play excellent performance, enough to meet the needs of professional outdoor athletes and demanding outdoor sports enthusiasts. Superior waterproof Gore-Tex® Pro Shell film using enhanced breathability, fit athletes wear under adverse weather conditions for extended periods without substantial loss of body heat.


  1. Greater durability under extreme weather conditions
  2. Extremely waterproof, windproof
  3. Enhanced permeability
  4. Suitable for outdoor professionals and avid outdoor sports enthusiasts

GORE-TEX Paclite Shell

This proprietary Paclite® film launched in 2009, is laminated to lightweight, tough nylon fabric, with such a fabric made of breathable and compression garments are extremely good, and wear-resistant and waterproof. Film containing a black protective layer, by "oleophobic" (oleophobic) polymer and carbon, allowing sweat easily discharged, but needs attention away from grease, cosmetics, salt and pesticides, in order to avoid the drop waterproof film. This highly compressed fabric can be compressed extremely small size, easy to pack.


  1. Durable, windproof, waterproof
  2. Extremely breathable
  3. Lightweight, strong and versatile compression
  4. GORE-TEX compared to other products are more lightweight, can be compressed to a smaller size, easy packing

Suitable for hiking, biking, running and other weight and footprint demanding sport.